"The Crawl" has been called "Riff heavy Rock with strong hooks!" 



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Kirk Adair Douglas and Ron Tucker played music together when they were teenagers in Alberta. Years later, after losing contact, they discovered they both were living in Vancouver, and soon started playing music again but this time in Kirk's recording studio. Soon they had 2 albums of original music and were later joined by Brian Sanheim to complete the 3rd album. These songs became the inspiration, and the birth of The Crawl.

The first self titled album, The Crawl, had 5 songs featured on the Playboy Channel hit TV show The Boy Nexxt Door. This album also had the song “Rev it Up” which was played at 19 NHL Hockey team home games. Including New York’s Madison Square Garden, and Vancouver’s Rogers Arena. This song was also featured on Sirius XM radio for NHL Broadcasts.

The movie Tight featured 8 songs from the second album Terminal Ave, and 4 songs from the first album, The Crawl. The New York Post was quoted saying that Tight is the best Mockumentary since Spinal Tap”. The song “Yellow Line Feverwas played on Howard Stern’s TV and radio show.

The 3rd  album, Nine, features 9 new tracks and was released November  2012. Music from  all 4 of our  albums  are  featured  on "Lingerie Fighting Championships", the pay per view show featured on “Tuff TV”, including the theme/intro song “Fight, Fight, Fight, Gonna get some” 

We’ve just completed our 4th album, “Crashing Down” and have already had songs featured in the movie “Gone By Dawn”, which was picked up by “eOne Entertainment and “Breaking Spirits” which features 2 brand new songs! We are also excited to have our song ”Victory” played at 12 NHL arena’s, plus it’s on the  PS4 & Xbox video game “Old Time Hockey”!

      We are thrilled that the Saskatchewan Roughriders have added our new Song – “Bring ‘Em Out” – as their kick off song for their Home Games.  We are very proud to be a part of Rider Nation!   GO RIDERS!